Our litigation attorneys represent Montana and North Dakota landowners and business owners whose property, agricultural productivity, business interests and/or health have been harmed by environmental contamination and pollution.  We stand prepared to work to hold polluters accountable to aggrieved landowners and to seek environmental remediation, health monitoring, compensation for health expenses, compensation for damages to property, crops, livestock and/or other business assets, diminution in value to real property and all other monetary and injunctive relief needed to make sure that polluters, and not innocent landowners, bear the full costs of their negligent or reckless actions.

Montana and North Dakota have long histories of natural resource development and extraction.  While this history has generated a significant amount of economic growth, it has also left a legacy of contamination, pollution, Superfund sites, adverse health impacts such as mesothelioma and harm to the soil, water and air upon which our vital agricultural communities rely.  Our litigation attorneys are prepared to use our decades of combined civil litigation experience to forcefully and effectively advocate for aggrieved landowners, farmers, ranchers and other business owners in civil actions against oil and gas companies, pipeline companies, refineries and other entities involved in extractive industries who have conducted their operations in a manner that has resulted in environmental degradation and contamination.  We are equipped to handle civil litigation involving:

  • Oil spills
  • Fracking fluid and waste-water spills
  • Contamination causing damage to crops, range-land, and livestock
  • Surface damage caused by oil and gas drilling, pipeline installation/maintenance,gravel mining, and other forms of natural resource extraction
  • Ground and surface water contamination
  • Soil contamination
  • Air pollution
  • Excessive salinization of ranch and farm land
  • Human and livestock exposure to toxic chemicals
  • Human and livestock hydrocarbon exposure
  • Public and private nuisances
  • Trespasses
  • Diminution in value to real property due to environmental contamination
  • Fires caused by oil and gas drilling and transport