Some of the most valuable and important assets owned by Montana’s farmers, ranchers and other property owners are the natural resources located on and under their lands.  These natural resources include water, oil and gas, coal, and other precious minerals.  Our attorneys provide a full range of services to our clients to help them protect, maintain and maximize the benefits derived from these resources.  Our Natural Resources practice includes, but is not limited to, the following areas:

Access to water is becoming increasingly important to Montana’s farmers and ranchers.  Our attorneys possess decades of combined experience defending the rights of Montana’s water users.  Our attorneys possess extensive experience which includes, but is not limited to, handling the following matters for our clients:

  • Representing Owners and Objectors in Montana’s water adjudication process
  • Assist clients in working with the Montana Department of Natural Resources to process and/or object to permit applications and change applications
  • Litigating ditch easement and interference disputes

Oil and Gas
Our oil and gas practice focuses on helping farmers, ranchers and other landowners ensure that their rights, property and financial well-being are fully protected when faced with the prospect of oil and gas development on their lands.  In providing the following services, we strive to ensure that our clients receive fair compensation and adequate protections for their property:

  • Reviewing and negotiating oil and gas leases (including royalty payments, bonuses and environmental protections) and pipeline easements
  • Negotiating surface use agreements/surface damage compensation agreements (which impose restoration provisions and limitations on drilling operations)
  • Litigating disputes which arise between landowners and oil companies over issues such as lease and contract interpretation, damage to property as a result of drilling operations and failure to pay royalties to landowners in a timely manner