We provide a full range of employment-related legal services to Montana’s business, farming and ranching communities.  We specialize in defending businesses against claims of discrimination, harassment, wrongful discharge from employment and other claims arising out of the employer-employee relationship.  In addition to defending against claims that have already been made, we also provide legal advice to employers to help prevent claims from being made against them in the first place, including assistance in creating and implementing effective discrimination policies and grievance procedures and provision of legal advice on dealing with “problem” employees and other personnel issues as soon as or before they arise.

Once a claim has been initiated, our litigation attorneys use our decades of combined experience to effectively advocate for our clients at every stage of the process, including in proceedings with the Montana Human Rights Bureau of the Department of Labor & Industry and in Montana’s State and Federal trial and appellate courts.  We strive to make every reasonable effort to resolve employment disputes without incurring needless costs and attorneys’ fees where speedy resolution makes good business sense.  However, in so doing, we remain at all times vigilant and prepared to present your defense as strongly and clearly as possible to the investigators, mediators, hearings examiners, judges and juries tasked with determining your liability.