Our attorneys provide a broad range of trust and estate litigation services in order to protect the interests of fiduciaries (trustees and executors/personal representatives), heirs, beneficiaries and other parties engaged in or considering will contests, trust contests, accounting actions and informational requests, trust and will construction actions where the meaning of an instrument is disputed, surviving spouse litigation, fiduciary removal actions and fiduciary liability claims.  Trust and estate disputes are often contentious and pit close family members and friends against one another.  Our attorneys regularly handle these disputes and understand the difficulties in navigating these relationships during the litigation process.  In addition, several of our attorneys possess master’s degrees in taxation law and are experienced in estate and trust planning and administration.  As a result, our attorneys are uniquely qualified to understand the tax consequences of any potential settlement, judgment or other result achieved as a result of initiating or defending a lawsuit.

Once a claim has been initiated, our litigation attorneys use our decades of combined experience to effectively advocate for our clients at every stage of the process.  We strive to make every reasonable effort to resolve trust and estate disputes without incurring needless costs and attorneys’ fees where speedy resolution makes good economic sense and can be accomplished in a way that our clients achieve satisfaction.  However, in so doing, we remain at all times vigilant and prepared to present your case as strongly and clearly as possible to the mediators, judges and juries who will be tasked with hearing and deciding your case.