Our attorneys provide a full range of real property litigation services in order to protect the real property interests of Montana’s farmers, ranchers, business owners and other property owners.  In Montana and many other Western states, it is not always clear from recorded documents alone precisely who owns what property interest.  Accordingly, disputes often arise regarding competing claims to property interests and those disputes can become quite contentious, particularly in light of the ever-increasing value of Montana real estate.  Our attorneys possess decades of combined experience in evaluating, litigating and protecting our clients’ real property interests and defending against adverse or competing claims to ownership.  We make every reasonable effort to resolve disputes without incurring needless costs and attorneys’ fees, but when resolution fails, we advocate for your rights through every stage of the litigation process in the State and Federal court systems.

We have experience handling a wide range of property litigation matters, including:

  • Disputes regarding the scope and boundaries of recorded easements
  • Property line/boundary disputes
  • Claims for prescriptive easements and easements by necessity and implication
  • Claims of adverse possession
  • County and private road disputes
  • Competing claims to mineral interests
  • Lease disputes arising out of agricultural, mineral, oil & gas, and commercial leases
  • Quiet title actions
  • Partition actions
  • Contests to wills devising real property interests
  • Trespass actions
  • Condemnation and eminent domain
  • Disputes with homeowners associations
  • Nuisance actions
  • Disputes involving agreements with contractors and related liens
  • Zoning and permitting issues